Kanda Regions supports clients across England, from the busiest urban centres to the quietest rural hamlets, on projects from life sciences and logistics to data centres and garden communities.

Over the last 7 years our dedicated team has delivered more than 50 projects in the Regions.

From the varying multiple layers of local government, the increase in anti-Local Plan political parties and no overall control administrations, to the abundance and involvement of parish/ town councils and influences of neighbourhood planning, across to the dynamics of diverse election cycles and cabinet/ committee structures – the political, stakeholder and community landscape differences in each and every local authority area are immense, and the appreciation of these, vital. 

With England’s devolution set to continue at pace however, there will be significant development opportunities ahead, with sensitive navigation of the regional and local landscape.  The availability of land, the ‘bigger picture’ power behind combined authorities, steady investment returns, and the Levelling Up growth agenda all offer up great opportunities for major scale regional development such as world-leading business or science parks, major new settlements, and town centre re-masterplanning. 

The Regions, flowing up through the Home Counties, the East of England, the South West and into the Cambridge/Oxford arc will also be a critical part of any future Labour government’s national plan for Growth. The Midlands and the North of England, with a number of major cities and supporting conurbations, will continue to play an important role in the overall economic success of the country

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