Kanda Shape is our digital platform that shapes constructive conversations on plans for the built environment using the most innovative online engagement tools available in this sector.

Kanda Shape enables thousands of people to be active participants in the planning process by presenting engaging and accessible content, allowing frequent opportunities to comment as the plans develop.


Shape adapts to the needs and opportunities of any project and over the course of its lifetime: including pre-planning consultation, construction communications and beyond.

Smart engagement

At Kanda, community engagement is a process. That is why through Shape we regularly update communities on proposed developments in their area. Our curated content provides opportunities for local people to share their experiences and feedback on plans as they develop.

Responsible data use

Data capture and GDPR compliance is very important to us.

Shape is secure and only stores what we need to ensure that our engagement processes are inclusive and the feedback we capture is representative.

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Kanda Shape is used by local authorities and private property developers across London.

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