Guy is a Franco-British Human, Social and Political Sciences graduate with experience designing communications strategies for NGOs. His background in anthropology gives him a unique appreciation of endemic perspectives and an understanding of the importance of working with communities to foster trust and build relationships during the consultation process. Guy has a depth of experience designing and delivering public consultation and engagement programmes for several developments across London on behalf of high-profile clients including Grosvenor, the Crown Estate, an NHS trust and L.B. Redbridge.

In his two years at Kanda, Guy has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from diplomatic buildings with substantial heritage value and associated interest from the community and wider amenity groups, to driving consultation programmes for large mixed-use developments with engagement targeted towards hard-to-reach groups. Guy is passionate about democratising the planning process and ensuring that everyone has a chance to input in development their local area. Most recently, this has included delivering post-submission support on large residential scheme for an NHS Trust, with a complex and delicate matrix of residents, community groups and political stakeholders to engage with in the run up to planning determination.

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