Jack is a skilled communications professional specialising in developing corporate narratives and brand strategies, as well as delivering high-level press coverage and international event programmes. He has worked across a range of sectors including property, energy, the environment and healthcare. His background in political communication provides an empathetic and nuanced approach in delivering for local authorities and private sector clients alike. Using his experiences in public relations, Jack focuses on using a creative approach to ensuring the right messaging is delivered to both clients and the community in order to tell a compelling story.

As part of the Central London Team, Jack has overseen event management and delivery in the real heart of London. Taking a holistic style to work, he has supported many challenging projects across Chelsea and Kensington in which he bridges the gap between and engages members of the community and stakeholders. Jack enjoys the social collaborative nature of Kanda and using different digital and creative mediums to capture the potential of new developments and spark new dialogue.

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