Michael joined Kanda as an Associate Director and holds over eight years of experience in planning communications, having worked in almost every borough of London. He has worked on projects ranging from a single bungalow to multiple estate regenerations and Local Plan allocations, in councils with a wide range of political hues. Michael is skilled in providing long-term strategic political advice through to ‘on the ground’ community contact and manning the resident hotline, delivering the full range of services for clients.

Michael is passionate about seeking out and giving a voice to those who support new homes and development in their area. He believes that every scheme has its individual merits and strives to engage and motivate those people too often marginalised by the planning process, giving them a voice, and then ensuing planning committees hear those voices. Michael also strives to give residents the time they need to put their points across acting as a conduit between community and client to help turn what is often a very adversarial planning system into one that is a consensual as possible.

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