says Jen Bryan, Head of People and Culture

Our employees are our greatest asset here at Kanda.  We’re dedicated to supporting them in every way,  not only in their career but also in their personal wellbeing and development.   This is the culture we have created and nurture.

Mental health has become more widely recognised as an important factor in employees’ health and wellbeing and is a potential well-being issue, since the pandemic brought mental health challenges for many of us as well as some positives such as a better work/life balance.    In line with our corporate value of openness, we want our staff to feel that they can discuss their experiences and be supported.

With this in mind, we’ve set up the Kanda Wellness Group to champion and explore initiatives to support staff in all aspects of their wellbeing. We run regular “lunch and learn” activities to give staff a little bit of time away from their work to explore their creativity, learn about different topics or simply connect. 

Whilst we offer private medical health insurance to our staff,  this week to mark Mental Health Awareness week we are launching an Employee Assistance Programme which will provide 24/7 access to counsellors, as well as advice on practical life matters such as legal, pension and insurance issues, for staff and their families.    This support will be available for all staff feeling that they need someone to talk to in confidence about any issues they are experiencing. 

Poor communication can be a source of stress in the workplace, as well as being potentially inefficient,  so recently we held a personality insight day with our senior team to identify the wide variety of personal styles we have, to ensure that we communicate as effectively as we can with each other and our clients.   

These initiatives, together our mental health and general health first aiders, our regular social activities and our culture of openness and collaboration,  we hope go a long way to support our colleagues in all aspects of their wellbeing including their mental health.  

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