Kanda was asked to support one of the UK’s largest property and construction businesses as it sought to better its’ relationships with local authorities and identify proceedable public sector development opportunities within key London boroughs.


    To support our client, we employed a three-pronged strategic approach:

    1) Undertake an audit of London boroughs with proceedable development opportunities and a willingness / appetite for development to narrow down the locations for pursuing. We did this by considering a range of factors to determine those most appropriate to develop relationships with.

    2) Clearly differentiate our client through the creation of a robust and considered corporate narrative and USPs to demonstrate the strength and diversity of their business and credibility in delivering similar sites involving public/private partnerships. Underpinning this was how their messaging aligns with local council and community priorities to ensure that we can demonstrate clear social value impact and delivery.

    3) Implement a highly targeted relationship building programme with target authorities to put out client in pole position when sites come forward for discussion

    Putting this approach into action, we have established an active engagement programme which also seeks to leverage industry events such as UK REiiF which offer prime opportunities for dialogue and discussion.


    Our messaging and narrative work has been delivered and firmly embedded within the organisation, ensuring that all employees are immersed in the organisations messaging. Meetings with target councils are underway and clear next steps have been agreed with development and partnership opportunities likely across several major schemes.

    As part of our repositioning work, we have heard directly from some of the target councils that they are impressed and excited by the prospect of working with our client.

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