Kanda’s multidisciplinary comms team was brought on to support the redevelopment of Cambridge Business Park in North East Cambridge into a hub for cleantech and climatetech. The site sits in in a strategic location central to the emerging North East Cambridge Area Action Plan (NECAAP). The scope requires careful local engagement in a challenging stakeholder environment, reputational management to grow the awareness of the client in Cambridge, alongside national positioning of the client in the cleantech space. In addition, we need to align our messaging and vision with both local aspirations while also demonstrating that the project can fulfil the national aims of the UK Government.


    Kanda has significant experience in Cambridge and life science, so was able to quickly prepare a detailed stakeholder audit and engagement plan to progress the scheme.

    We have also prepared extensive messaging for different audiences and stakeholder engagement materials to support the client in their relationship building with many different groups, including local councillors, national stakeholders, community groups and university professionals. Kanda advises on the sequencing of this engagement, and how to build relationships which are long-term and not reliant on the scheme alone.

    In addition, later in the year Kanda will be beginning a comprehensive phase of community consultation and engagement on the development proposals for the scheme. This will involve both online and in-person engagement, events on site and further afield, and workshops with community groups to shape the proposals and build advocates. This strategy will allow the team to manage the narrative effectively and ensure that the scheme is received in the best way possible.

    We are also positioning the client in the cleantech space by supporting them with thought leadership both in Cambridge and across the country. Ensuring that the client is at the right events, and speaking to the right people, is key, alongside providing a clear narrative to keep communications consistent.


    Kanda has established clear messaging about the scheme which is now supporting targeted stakeholder meetings with both local and national stakeholders. The sequencing of these meetings ensures that the engagement is mindful of the team’s time whilst also adding as much value as possible.

    We have also positioned the team effectively in the cleantech space, even at such an early stage, and have extensive plans with the client to progress this over the course of 2024.

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