Canada Water Dockside is a unique location, with it being well-connected to central London, and strong green and blue infrastructure. The community was already familiar with development in the area when we were brought onto to support Art-Invest, with the ongoing Canada Water masterplan neighbouring our client’s site. It has therefore been essential to ensure that the Canada Water Dockside development makes its own unique contribution to Canada Water Dockside and is welcomed by neighbouring communities.


    Kanda led community engagement for Canada Water Dockside to understand views on the project. This engagement revealed a desire for improved health and wellbeing in the area.

    To contribute to contribute to short- and long-term local health and wellbeing, Art-Invest and neighbour Decathlon UK secured a partnership to deliver a £200,000 Health and Wellbeing Fund over a five-year period. We developed an initial strategy for the delivery of the fund and promoted the fund via well-established local stakeholder networks, press, social media and in liaison with Southwark Council.

    Our overarching principle for the project is ‘legacy’. We want to ensure that each activity supported by the fund has a legacy and encourages and enables community cohesion. We are also establishing the building blocks of a fund that is envisaged to extend into the operation of the development and foster connections between occupiers and the local community.


    The fund is now in its second year and has supported nine local organisations in Canada Water and Rotherhithe, including new astroturf facilities at a community centre, a women’s cricket programme and the inception of rowing to Canada Water. 

    Kanda and client Art-Invest are well established in the Canada Water community and have built valuable relationships with local stakeholders. The community fund brings investment to today’s community, but also establishes the foundations for a programme of social value that will be embedded into the operation of Canada Water Dockside.

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