Our client was seeking support to develop their narrative for the broader regeneration of Meridian Water and to publicise particular development opportunities within Meridian Water to potential development partners. Kanda was appointed to support the client in cementing their status as a master developer with an established narrative and utilising this to generate publicity with the intention of securing development partners for specific parcels of land within it.


    Kanda undertook an initial review of the existing material and narrative around the overall regeneration, setting out areas to amplify in selling the broader regeneration and particular development opportunities within it through a messaging workshop. Working alongside the client to understand their objectives, we developed a set of overarching key messages and identified developers and investors to target using this new messaging framework and strategy. Kanda led the media launch of the first specific land parcel, supporting with content creation for social media platforms, collateral for conferences and public relations support to publicise the development opportunity.


    Our work generated significant levels of interest in the new parcel of land. Our client is in the process of procuring a partner to deliver the development opportunity, with Kanda continuing to support this ongoing work. The development opportunity has been featured across several media sources, including leading trade publications in the built environment sector.

    Relationships with key contacts within these publications have been established, with Kanda developing these connections for future promotional opportunities. Several developers have expressed interest in partnering with our client as a result of this press work. Using the established narrative and strategy we have set out, our client is continuing to promote the wider regeneration and specific opportunities within their networks, industry events, and more publicly.

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