Our newest intern Hibo Abdikadir and Sophia Michaelides who was an intern in 2021 and has been promoted to be an Account Executive chat about what its like to work at Kanda.


What attracted you to work at Kanda?

Hibo: For me it’s because it’s a fast paced new agency, the job description spoke to me and meeting the team I knew I’d get on with them, they’re really nice.

Sophia: Kanda looked interesting, the different areas of work with politics and communities, I like the idea of meeting with different communities, it’s a nice mix of skills.


Now you are with us, how is it working out?

Hibo: I have a new role at Kanda, it’s very nice because as a recent graduate I thought I would be overwhelmed but I’ve grown a lot and learned a lot already.  My role is trying new ways to look at data and analysis.   My degree was in Maths and Finance and now I am starting to learn coding, it’s fun.

Sophia:  I did a course in coding too in lockdown and it was way fun, so I see what you mean Hibo!  I did a masters in International Politics and Human Rights after a spell of working as a translator as my first degree was in modern languages.  I switched more towards politics.   I started as an intern at Kanda and was taken on permanently last year as an Account Executive. Because of the nature of the company I’ve learned a lot of things really quickly, my skills have evolved as the way we work is quite unique.  

My advice to new interns like Hibo is to be open and always ask questions, it’s really good to learn from the team and to collaborate, don’t be afraid to try new things and ways of doing things, come up with ideas.


You are on different teams,  Hibo works in Kanda Digital and Sophia works in Kanda Consult, have you collaborated together yet?

Sophia:  Actually we have – we worked together on a quite challenging project where a client wanted different data, we really needed Hibo’s skills, Hibo really helped us.

Hibo:  That was a fun project.

Sophia:  The client was really happy which was great.


How do you see yourselves developing?

Hibo:  I would like to work permanently at Kanda and develop my role.

Sophia:  I would like to grow and stay at Kanda to take on more responsibility, I’ve learned such a lot in a relatively short space of time.

I’d also like to say that the work/life balance here at Kanda is great, we genuinely have flexible working – you can work from home or in the office and I love the 3pm screens off on Fridays!   the culture is definitely about working hard and delivering for clients but also we are encouraged to not overwork or get too stressed.  

Hibo:  There are opportunities to meet together to socialise too, and now lockdown is over I see that there will be more fun things to look forward to soon.   The Christmas party was great.

Sophia:  Yes I really enjoyed the Christmas party too – it was a lot of fun!

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