By Jack Thompson, Account Director

This past week Kanda staff attended insight discovery training – effectively learning more about our personality types and how that translates into effective communication skills. 

From fiery red to cool blue, introversion and extraversion and the balance between thinking and feeling, we started to identify what our natural, conscious perspective is, as well as how we project our style of communication to those around us. 

While immensely informative (as well as entertaining) to see how you’re perceived broken down into growth opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, it challenged us to think about how our personalities may gel or clash with the personalities of our audiences. 

Whether it’s clients, communities, or consultants, it’s very easy to settle into a comfortable mindset of presenting how we ourselves want to communicate, rather than how our audiences want to receive information.  The training was a useful reminder to adjust our communication styles to different audiences to be effective, and to listen carefully to understand each other properly.

That’s where Kanda sits – where we try to balance the needs of the communities we serve. Thinking about the importance of facts, figures and key deadlines to ensure planning applications can be prepared efficiently and accurately is only one part of our job. It’s interpreting the strength of feeling amongst consultees, identifying their priorities and feeding that back to evolve a scheme into a more balanced proposal likely to be accepted.

That can only be done through authentic advocacy – building trust with audiences by listening and responding in a way that appeals to them. 

There’s no one way to deliver this – while someone direct may enjoy sparring with a kindred spirit, another may value a more open-ended conversation with engaging and enthusiastic creative minds. 

Luckily, at Kanda, we’ve grown a team that represents all these core personalities – from the cool-headed logicians to the more extrovert crowd-pleasers. With a truly balanced team of different personalities as well as skills and experience, we can genuinely listen to and advocate for all our clients and our communities. 

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