Kanda was founded in 2017 with the objective of building a company that has the experience, passion, and knowledge to advise on complex and challenging regeneration whilst using creative consultation tools.

The company is now over 40 people strong and represent some of the best-known names in development and regeneration as well as public sector bodies.

The launch of our new brand and website comes as we complete the hiring of four new associate directors whose experience and diverse knowledge provides a major boost to our client servicing and consolidates our growth into areas such as the East of England.

Four years felt like a natural moment to take stock of everything we’ve achieved, I wanted to make sure we communicated clearly who we are and how we work to deliver great results for our clients.

An in-house creative and digital offer have always been at the core of the business and it felt important to reinforce the way those capabilities sit as equal partners alongside our traditional strategic communication consultancy for planning clients.

Karen Alcock, Managing Director

We always try to stay one step ahead of what our clients need from us, ensuring that we are able to deliver a truly integrated communications consultancy that includes a full-service creative studio function. Whilst the pandemic acted as a catalyst for the adoption of more digital methods of public consultation, Kanda had already built up an inhouse digital practice that enabled us to launch over 60 websites during lockdown alongside developing and launching our new digital engagement platform Kanda Shape.

The team we have today are experienced in digital and creative content, community engagement, political advice, placemaking, proactive press management, policy influencing and graphic design and website development.

Kanda is committed to making the planning process accessible by using creative solutions to target hard-to-reach groups and continually incorporate feedback into our consultations. Increasing the reach of engagement on behalf of clients, using tools like targeted social media advertising allows us to present to a far more diverse audience who bring differing viewpoints to the planning debate.

Our new Kanda sub-divisions are intended to give a clearer identity to our existing creative studio and digital offer, alongside our core consultancy service allowing us to put forward the right team for each unique job.

Kanda Create refers to the digital and studio team that focus on community engagement through well designed websites, printed materials and social media.

Kanda Shape is our flagship online engagement tool that presents consultations as a content-rich interactive website.

Kanda Consult is led by planning experts, many with an established reputation in local communities that allows them to offer dedicated knowledge to every client, backed by the expertise and resources of the rest of the Kanda team.

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