View along De Crespiany Park

The Kanda team was appointed by the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust to undertake post-submission community engagement and planning committee support on the proposals for the redevelopment of the Lambeth Hospital.

The proposed development, which will facilitate the investment required to transform inpatient facilities at the Maudsley Hospital, includes:

• Around 553 new homes, with 50% affordable of which 70% socially rented and 30% intermediate homes

• A new community space

• New landscaping and greenery, including an ecological corridor

The Trust had undertaken a programme of consultation in Summer 2020 with a range of internal and external stakeholders prior to the submission of the planning application.
Kanda was then appointed to drive post-submission engagement. In response to the ongoing effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, this included a combination of virtual and physical consultation tools and activities.

Our engagement programme focussed on local residents who live near the site, as well as local community groups and ward councillors. Our comprehensive programme of post-submission engagement featured online community webinars, social media engagement and newsletters.

Kanda was pleased to help guide the Trust through the process on the planning committee, as well as advising them and supporting them on the night. Our robust engagement programme demonstrated a committed approach to engagement, resulting in Lambeth Planning Applications Committee resolving to grant planning permission in December 2021. This is Kanda’s second consent with the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust in 2021, following the proposals for part of the Maudsley Hospital site

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