Kanda Digital research, designs, and develops best-in-class online tools for engaging communities.

Collaborating with our colleagues in Kanda Consult and Kanda Create, our multi-disciplinary team of interactive designers; web developers; social media managers; and data analysts have the experience to plan, and the technical expertise to implement, a digital strategy to engage with communities that delivers our clients’ wider community engagement and social value objectives.

Every day, thousands of community stakeholders are accessing information and feeding back on built environment projects proposals via Kanda’s online tools.

Kanda Shape – our flagship online engagement platform

Shape engages local communities in a constructive ongoing conversation about built environment projects. Through Shape communities will find:

  • Information about a built environment project in their area.
  • Regular, engaging updates on projects (with engaged stakeholders notified of updates via email).
  • Interactive opportunities to feedback on projects:
  • Concise surveys and polls;
  • Interactive maps and drawings;
  • An automated tool to support local stakeholders in writing directly their local authority regarding specific built environment projects.
  • Promotion and reporting on all project community engagement activities (both on and offline).
  • A highly accessible and secure user experience, fully responsive across all devices.

Custom websites

Our custom websites cater to all-types of community and built environment projects.

By facilitating a collaborative briefing, design, and prototyping process with our clients, we deliver high-quality and original solutions that meet the specific needs of these projects.

To support tight project timescales, we also provide a number of white-label websites, including holding pages, single-page, and multi-page websites.

Social media engagement

At Kanda Digital, we are believers that with greater reach, comes greater levels of engagement and feedback, and a more complete picture of a community’s needs and aspirations for the development of their built environment.

We operate across multiple social media channels, using message targeting to promote and invite community stakeholders into conversations concerning built environment projects, driving traffic to our Shape platforms and websites.

Benefits to you

By using Kanda Digital, in combination with Kanda’s community and political engagement consultancy (Consult); and content design (Create), our public and private sector clients are:

  • Meeting statutory planning requirements and the growing expectations of communities.
  • Capturing accurate engagement rates, local insight, and detailed community feedback on projects in real-time.
  • Building support (with community and political stakeholders), improving the likelihood of a planning application being approved.
  • Adding measurable social value (recognised by leading frameworks).
  • Enhancing their reputation locally and further afield.

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