The General Election result in Barking & Dagenham is unsurprising with Labour winning both the Barking & Dagenham and Rainham seats.

With long-standing MPs Margaret Hodge and Jon Cruddas standing down, both seats were set to be taken by local cabinet member, Cllr Margaret Mullane, and Barking & Dagenham council Leader, Darren Rodwell.

But Cllr Rodwell’s decision to stand down as the candidate for Barking, following a series of last-minute accusations regarding his conduct, threw the local selection process into chaos.

Enfield Council leader, and close friend of Rodwell, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, was selected with just a few days to spare and will now enter parliament with a healthy majority in the Labour stronghold of Barking.

What is unclear is what the future holds for the Labour council. Cllr Rodwell has vowed to continue as leader and while he has been popular with the Labour group, the issues raised ahead of his removal as the Barking candidate have not been resolved.

Further to this, the group has been preparing for transition to a new leader for some time with a number of local councillors like Saima Ashraf and Dominic Twomey firmly in the picture to fight for the top job.

It remains to be seen whether they are patient or whether the Central Labour Party could exert pressure on Cllr Rodwell to step back from the role ahead of the 2026 elections.

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