Hounslow remains solidly Labour after last night’s election, with comfortable wins for both incumbent Labour MPs.

Ruth Cadbury and Seema Malhotra, whose seats saw some reorganisation ahead of the General Election, will both return to Parliament well placed to take up roles in the new Labour Cabinet.

The Labour campaign on the ground has been notable in its intensity. The council leadership have ignored direction from party HQ to focus their efforts on more marginal seats elsewhere, instead campaigning extensively in borough.

This was coordinated by Hounslow Leader Cllr Rajawat, who is highly focused on ensuring the Labour administration keep Conservative councillors pinned in the eastern corner of Hounslow or eliminated entirely in 2026.

Cllr Rajawat remains a critical voice for the strategic direction of the borough. Much like his predecessor, Steve Curran, he has shown a willingness to engage with the development industry. He remains eager to ensure that the regeneration of Hounslow continues to be an enthusiastic supporter of Labour’s pro-building agenda.

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