Brent remains solidly under Labour’s control. The result suggests Labour will remain in control in the Borough for the foreseeable future.

While some pockets of Liberal vote remain that could threaten individual council seats, the Borough of Brent has become an ultra-safe political bastion for Labour.

With Brent North MP Barry Gardiner likely to be serving his final term, thoughts will turn to who replaces him in this ultra-safe seat in 2029. Brent East MP Dawn Butler is rumoured to be thinking about a possible run for the Mayor of London should Sadiq Khan step aside. Her recent rap video attracted much attention, and she has amassed a wealth of experience over her many years as an MP.

Butler has been relegated to the backbenches, so the move would be seen as a natural next step for her, with a route back into Cabinet unclear.

Cllr Tatler remains as the Lead Member for Planning in Brent, following her unsuccessful bid for the Chingford and Wood Green parliamentary seat.

Many will be bitterly disappointed that Tatler will not be joining the Labour benches. The councillor has been a strong voice within the party on the need to deliver more homes to address the UK’s housing crisis.

While her voice will be missed in parliament, her strong presence in Brent will continue to provide a stable political environment for development in the Borough.

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