On a dramatic election night, Hillingdon returned two Labour MPs and one Conservative.

John McDonnell retained his Heathrow seat comfortably, as did David Simmonds in the more affluent north of the borough. The Hertfordshire border seat of Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner had been seen as a potential target for a Labour win if Reform performed well, but this did not materialise.

Boris Johnson’s former seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip was the scene of a surprise by-election and surprise victory for the Conservatives in July 2023. That campaign was dominated by ULEZ, and although the issue was still potent, Labour’s energetic and resolute campaign led by Camden Cllr Danny Beales proved too strong for the incumbent Steve Tuckwell.

This result, one of many potential headline grabbers, was one the new Prime Minister was looking out for: Danny Beales is one of Keir’s local councillors and a personal friend. The majority was wafer thin – just 587 votes, but Labour will hope the result could signpost a Labour win in the 2026 local elections. The victorious campaigners will have the town hall in their sights now that they have the majority of MPs in the borough.

The cost of this Labour victory comes at a price for Camden however, with the borough losing one of its leading councillors.

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