While the Hammersmith parliamentary seat has undergone some changes, yesterday’s election has seen Labour’s ascendency in Hammersmith & Fulham continue.

Andrew Slaughter continues to serve as the MP for Hammersmith and Chiswick and is now joined by Hammersmith Deputy Leader, Ben Coleman, who seized the Chelsea & Fulham seat from the Conservative MP, Greg Hands.

Since taking control of the Borough in 2014, the Labour Council under Cllr Steve Cowan has continued to strengthen its position, pushing the Conservatives into the deepest parts of Fulham.

The latest result will do little to hearten the Tory Party in the Borough and will raise significant red flags in the neighbouring Conservative controlled Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

Cllr Cowan now finds himself running a London Borough that will benefit from a Labour government in Westminster, working in tandem with a Labour Mayor in City Hall. It seems likely Cllr Cowan will continue as leader and may even have his eye on the seat just won by Andy Slaughter, who will be 68 years old going into the next election in 2029.

Any developer wanting to work in the Borough will face a robust challenge from Cllr Cowan; that won’t change under a Labour Government. However, there should be more levers at the Council’s disposal under a Labour government to deliver Cllr Cowan’s highly ambitious plans for the Borough.

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