Despite wide-ranging adjustments to the geography of the Parliamentary seats in the borough, the end result remained a clean sweep for Labour.

David Lammy, likely the new Foreign Secretary, is joined once more by Catherine West in parliament. Bambos Charalambous, whose new seat includes the Wood Green, Bounds Green and White Hart Lanes wards from Haringey, also joins them.

Haringey has nearly completed its journey back from the wilderness years as the “Corbyn Council”. Haringey has a well-established political leadership in place under Cllr Peray Ahmet, with Cabinet members growing in confidence and experience in their roles.

A Labour government may assist the council in making several pending decisions regarding the future of its own property assets and estate regeneration projects.

The collapse of the HDV partnership with Lendlease still looms large in the council’s development outlook. They will be eager to seek the support of a Labour government to avoid any repeat of the bruising process that saw senior councillors lose their seats to anti-development, pro-Corbyn candidates.

The council is eager to find partners to bring forward sites, but the safety net of a Labour Government ensures they have a range of options at their disposal to consider before making difficult political decisions.

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