Newham remains safely Labour after returning some of the largest outright majorities in the country.

The retirement of Lynne Brown and the creation of a new parliamentary seat sees new MPs elected in Newham for the first time in 20 years.

Deputy Mayor James Asser becomes the MP for West Ham and Beckton, and former Sadiq Khan and Keir Starmer aide Uma Kumaran becomes the MP for Stratford and Bow.

The big question in Newham remains what will happen ahead of the next Mayoral election in 2026.

It is no secret that relations between Mayor Fiaz and the Labour group have been strained. It has only been a few short months since the Labour Group voted down the Mayor’s budget and forced the Mayor to make changes.

The Mayoral system itself is under question and whether it is fit for purpose, despite Newham residents narrowly voting to keep the system in place in 2021.

There have been suggestions that Mayor Fiaz could step into a different role, mid-term or at the end of the current term in 2026. Either way a reorganisation of the borough’s strategic team is likely and the potential of a fresh face in the Regeneration and Planning brief, under a development-focused Labour Government, could be the shot in the arm the borough needs.

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