Ealing returned a full slate of Labour MPs, including now former Deputy Leader of the Council Deirdre Costigan, for the 5th successive election.

Combined with Labour’s firm control of the Council, the “Queen of the Suburbs” is undeniably politically red.

The biggest questions will be what next for the Borough’s key political figures.

Council Leader Peter Mason narrowly missed out on a parliamentary seat and his prospect of securing a local seat has effectively ended with the election of Costigan in Ealing Southall. He is well regarded in the Borough and will continue as Leader but is ambitious and talented and will likely be considering his next steps.

James Murray MP has been returned in Ealing North with an extremely comfortable majority. He will likely continue to be a key part of the Treasury team under New Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rachel Reeves. The Treasury team has been highly visible as Labour has articulated its pro-development message in the build up to the election. Treasury are likely to remain critical in much of the decision making on the issue moving forward.

Murray’s previous experience as Mayor Sadiq Khan’s housing lead may see him moving into a pivotal position connecting DHLUC and the Treasury to better enable the unpacking of Labour’s regeneration strategy.

Ealing remains pragmatic and development friendly. Their highly professional approach to interaction with the industry is underpinned by a strong officer corps that is well-motivated and connected via a unified strategic leadership team.

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