In Camden, the election result saw three local councillors elected to Parliament, with Georgia Gould, Danny Beales, and Lloyd Hatton all coming up trumps in their constituencies. 

The loss of Georgia Gould as Council Leader will be sorely felt, but should be manageable for the remaining Council leadership and will make way for fresh ideas. There is talent in abundance in the Labour Group, and someone will step up who has the talent to take on the role.

As well as losing their Leader, Camden Council have also lost their Chief Whip and Cabinet Member for New Homes, Jobs, and Community Investment through Lloyd Hatton and Danny Beales’ election to Parliament.

These three, taken together, is a significant blow to the Council’s political leadership.

The focus now is on the who will be the next Leader.  This process is one of many taking place across London. But as the new Prime Minister’s home borough, increased media scrutiny will bring additional urgency. The result of the contest will be over in 12-14 days, and ratified at full council on 22nd July.

At the time of writing the field of candidates is reasonably wide. There is an unsustainable number of candidates, some of whom are articulating a platform distinctly adjacent to the 2022 local manifesto. There are sensible candidates who would represent a continuation of ambitions, challenging policy action in Camden. Only time will tell how much appetite there is for change.

There will also be changes to the Planning Committee membership. Typically, one of the most engaged and reliable committees, new faces at the top, middle and bottom of Camden may give this committee a different flavour.

The timing of the inevitable by-elections is being carefully considered to give canvassers and communities a break from politics, but not leave it too long for fear of accusations that Camden Labour doesn’t care. Expect some kind of super Thursday event in mid-September, just in time for Party Conferences.  

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