As expected, the Liberal Democrat Leader Sir Ed Davey has held onto the seat of Kingston & Surbiton with a comfortable majority.

Sir Ed has held the seat since 1997, and despite losing the seat for 2 years between 2015-2017 as part of a rebellion against the Lib Dems’ role in the coalition government, it was no surprise that he has been selected to continue to represent the consistency at the next Parliament.

He previously won in 2019 with a majority of 10,489 and has extended this majority even further, partly due to a series of elaborate stunts during the election campaign to help raise both his own profile and the wider party.

The Lid Dems have managed to hold onto Richmond Park, re-electing Sarah Olney as the MP.

Richmond Park has been a seesaw marginal consistency since its creation in 1997 and has flipflopped between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives over the last 30 years.

The fact the Sarah has managed to retain the seat, in what will have been seen as a key battle ground for the Lib Dems, will help to further strengthen their fortress in southwest London. Sarah’s victory will have also been helped by recent boundary changes, which slightly increased the probability of a Lib Dem win in the constituency.

Sarah is the party’s spokesperson for Business and Treasury and her priorities for the constituency include “campaigning for a new police station in Richmond, the reopening of Hammersmith Bridge, and challenging the government over the continuing sewage pollution of the River Thames.”

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