The allure of the lifelong Labour MP proved too much for the combined campaigning forces of various affiliated groups who wanted to put an end to the Corbyn era.

After weeks of tense infighting within the Islington Labour group, including the mass resignation of 71 local members shortly before polling day, Jeremy Corbyn’s victory will ensure these squabbles continue for some time yet.

Labour’s majority was never reliant on Islington North – but the continued presence of Corbyn will be a nagging sore in the side of Starmer. It also poses a risk to the political makeup of Islington Council. Emboldened by this win, several councillors are considering a defection away from Labour – enough to become the opposition within the Town Hall.

An openly divided Labour group would be a gift for the Greens and Lib Dems – the last time Labour openly argued with itself led to 12 years in opposition – almost all of time Labour spent in Government.

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