Sutton and Cheam have returned Luke Taylor as the MP for what has been described as one of the more challenging London seats for the Lib Dems. Taylor has successfully overturned a majority of 8,351 votes, defeating the second-place Conservative candidate, Tom Drummond.

Historically, the constituency has been seen as a safe Tory seat, but was won by the Lib Dems in 1997 and held until 2015, when it shifted back to Conservative control and has since been represented by Paul Scully.

Scully, who is an ardent Brexiteer and former Minster for London, decided to step down at this election. This ultimately handed the Lib Dems an advantage as the loss of incumbency forced the Tories, reeling nationally, on the back foot locally.

During his campaign, Taylor placed an emphasis on working and collaborating with the Lib Dem-run council and the private sector to build new affordable homes, as well as more affordable private homes for rent and purchase in Sutton. Taylor also serves as a councillor in Sutton West and East Cheam, which could trigger a by-election in the ward.

Carshalton and Wallington have also returned a Liberal Democrat as their MP, overturning a 629-vote majority in what was seen in the run up to the election as an extremely close Tory-Lib-Dem marginal seat.

Bobby Dean, who is currently a local councillor in The Wrythe ward, has won the seat, pushing incumbent MP, Elliot Colburn, into 2nd place. Dean campaigned on “fixing the NHS, delivering real economic recovery, and protecting the environment and the River Wandle from pollution.”

A Tory seat under Thatcher, Liberal Democrat Tom Brake took control during the 1997 Labour landslide. This was then held by the Lib-Dems for five more elections, most notably during the 2015 backlash against the party’s coalition with the Conservatives, until 2019 when the Tories regained control through Elliot Colburn – a former Tory local councillor.

Like his newly elected neighbouring MP in Sutton and Cheam, Dean is a local councillor and will therefore likely trigger a by-election in his ward.

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