After the very public controversy regarding the continued candidacy of Diane Abbott early in the General Election campaign, Hackney has dropped off the political radar.

Labour has comfortably held both parliamentary seats. Both Abbott and colleague Dame Meg Hillier will return to Westminster to represent the Borough as they have since 2005 (Hillier) and 1987 (for Abbott)

While not a threat at a parliamentary level, the strengthening Green vote in the Borough will register with the Labour controlled council.

While Labour in government is beneficial for Labour led Hackney council, there has long been a tradition in the borough to adopt a more anti-establishment sentiment.

The growth of the Green vote in 2018 and 2022 demonstrates that Labour can be beaten in individual seats in the borough if the opposition can tap into live, local issues. Housing and Regeneration have typically been utilised by the Green’s in their target areas and they will likely continue to adopt this approach ahead of the elections in 2026.

There is little threat to Mayor of Hackney, Caroline Woodley, but Labour councillors will be looking over their shoulders for Green candidates challenging them in 2026, as Labour assume the role of government rather than opposition.

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