After a dramatic election night, where change was the operative word, things stayed the same in Lewisham with Labour maintaining its lock on electoral politics in the borough.

Local politics in Lewisham is dominated by the Labour Party who hold the mayoralty, all the council seats, the GLA seat, and the parliamentary seats in the borough.

Labour’s Vicky Foxcroft, Former MP for Lewisham Deptford has retained Lewisham North comfortably, Janet Daby retained Lewisham East with ease, and Ellie Reeves has been returned in Lewisham West & East Dulwich.

Whilst the results locally maintain Labour’s electoral dominance, an anticipated surge in votes for smaller parties did not come to pass. Labour will take this as a sign of confidence that their long-standing electoral dominance in the borough is set to continue. 

The Greens and Lib Dems will see it as a missed opportunity that they couldn’t stage a more meaningful challenge in an election where nationally the smaller parties did well in terms of share of the vote.  

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