Labour underlined its growing dominance in Wandsworth by comfortably holding all three Parliamentary seats.

Fleur Anderson (Putney), Rosena Allin-Khan (Tooting), and Marsha De Cordova (Battersea) will all return to Westminster with secure majorities. With Labour winning the local elections in 2022, this result strongly suggests the borough has finally slipped away from the Conservatives.

Labour have proven to be radically different to their Tory predecessors when it comes to their approach to development. The council leader and lead member have set out to disrupt the development industry in the borough which has been met with mixed results.

The Mayoral call-in of the Springfield Hospital scheme, combined with the arrival of a Labour Government, that has been clear about its intentions to unblock the planning system and “back the builders”, could run counter to Wandsworth’s local recalibration.

The council has sought to reverse 20 years of failed delivery of new social rent homes in the borough, but it risks becoming an unattractive place to invest if other neighbouring boroughs are more closely in step with the new Labour Government’s approach to accelerating local housing delivery.

The council will also be searching for ways to deliver its own regeneration projects in a challenging environment for development without private sector support.

 A Labour Government may be more inclined to provide support to these efforts, but they will want to ensure that any local authority that seeks to benefit from central government funding, is doing its part to enable viable private development to be delivered locally.

The next 12 months will be vital for the borough as it seeks to strike a balance between its more radical political aspirations and the reality of the significant housing need in the borough.

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