After a dramatic election night, where change was the operative word, the Liberal Democrats won the seat of Wimbledon for the first time, adding to a cluster of six Lib Dem constituencies in southwest London. Paul Kohler won with a huge majority of 12,610.

Indeed, with incumbent MP Stephen Hammond stepping down, the Conservatives suffered a dramatic fall from grace in this leafy southwest London suburb.

Kohler, the new MP, will be pleased to have won having fallen short in 2019 by just 628 votes. The Liberal Democrats will hope to use the victory as a springboard to challenge the ruling Labour Party at the Town Hall elections in 2026.

Labour will be ruing a missed opportunity to regain this seat on a night where they made gains across the country. Indeed, the scale of the Lib Dem Victory and the fact that Labour finished behind the Conservatives will be a huge disappointment.

The ruling labour administration in Merton would have liked to have a local MP who is in lockstep with them, rather than working against them on important local issues. However, they will be thankful that Deputy Leader Eleanor Stringer remains on the council rather than moving into Parliament.

The Conservatives will view the result as a disaster – finishing so far behind in a seat they held before the election confirms how far they have drifted from voters in urban areas. Coming second will be a small consolation.

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